Loan Servicing

Professional Loan Servicing

Wachter Investments, Inc. has collected hundreds of millions of dollars for private investors since 1979.  We provide Trust Deed Investors with expert assistance in all facets of Loan Servicing.

There is a lot more involved in owning a Trust Deed than just collecting payments.  If the borrower becomes delinquent it is imperative that you immediately know what to do, and are in full compliance with all laws and regulations governing this industry.

Let’s say you sold a house and carried back a portion of the sales price in the form of a Note secured by a Trust Deed.  We can help you with professional servicing of that Note.  If you are an investor who has been buying Trust Deeds but no longer want the burden of servicing loans yourself, we can help you.

Want to ensure taxes and insurance are maintained.  We are experts at properly handling payments which include impounds for taxes and insurance. 

You Need Our Assistance

if your investment is jeopardized by Any OF the following:

  • Did the borrower stop making payments?
  • Is the senior loan delinquent?
  • Has fire insurance lapsed or expired?
  • Are property taxes delinquent?

Our goal is to impress you with our personalized service and the professional way we handle all aspects of loan servicing.

Most investors aren’t aware of the numerous Federal and State laws governing this industry with which one must contend in the course of servicing a loan; nor should they be.  Wachter Investments, Inc. has spent over 41 years learning and keeping up-to-date on these laws so that we may assist you with any and all problems which may arise as a result of owning a Trust Deed Investment.

Our Trust Accounts are reviewed by an independent CPA on a quarterly basis, and reports are routinely filed with the Department of Real Estate.

Computerized Trust Deed Servicing takes all the fuss out of handling fully-amortized, partially-amortized and interest-only loans.  Payments are processed daily, and deposited into a non-interest bearing trust account and checks mailed once weekly.  Your checks will contain a complete breakdown of principal, interest, remaining balance, etc.

Payments on your investment can be deposited directly into your bank account, split between partners, or mailed to you anywhere.

At Wachter Investments, Inc., our priority is professionally servicing your Trust Deeds Investments so that you don’t have to.  We eliminate the need to worry, we completely take it out of the equation, so you can look forward to getting a good night’s sleep.

We Provide a Full Range of Services for Lenders

  • Deliver monthly statements to borrowers updating important details of their loan, when their next payment is due, etc.
  • Collect and distribute all payments due for single or multiple investors Notes
  • Deliver balloon payment notifications to borrowers where applicable and in accordance with required regulation
  • Send out a series of late notices per California Law in the event of a delinquency
  • Provide a tax delinquency service to notify you in the event of a property tax delinquency
  • Track status of senior loans in the event of a delinquency and send notice to the borower and letters to investors when action is required
  • Coordinate with various Title and Escrow companies to handle the pay-off of the loan and prepare the Demand statement, or handle any Verification of Mortgage (VOM) request by the borrower
  • Provide Reconveyance Services upon payoff and Trustee Substitutions when necessary
  • File required 1099’s and 1098’s to the IRS
  • Deliver quarterly and annual statements to borrowers and lenders
  • At your request initiate foreclosure proceedings and handle the foreclosure from start to finish
  • In some cases handle Bankruptcies proceedings (fees charged according to the difficulty perceived during this process)
  • Negotiate and prepare work-out agreements with borrowers for delinquent payments, or other arrangements in the course of servicing
  • We maintain a log of all telephone and written communication with borrowers and lenders on every loan
  • In April 2010, loans on owner occupied single family 1-4 unit buildings were required under federal law to be serviced with impounds with which to pay property taxes and fire insurance
  • California’s recent Senate Bill 1137 requires certain procedures from the loan servicer prior to requesting that a foreclosure be filed. Wachter Investments, Inc., of course, is in full compliance with this relatively new regulation
As you can see there is much to consider when you take on the servicing of a Trust Deed. The laws and compliance can be very complicated and violating them can have very serious ramifications.

Let an expert do the work for you. With over three decades of experience, stability and financial strength, state of the art automation and highly professional personnel, we are dedicated to providing our clients with customized service that will not only meet but exceed their expectation.

Call Wachter Investments, Inc. the next time you need assistance in any, or all, of the loan servicing functions mentioned above. We can help you and we promise you that you will always get a live, friendly voice on the other end of the phone line when you call in!