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Yield Comparison

Get Higher Returns

Grow your nest egg larger while still being able to sleep at night – with the safety and security of equity in California Real Estate.

Our Trust Deed investments can provide you with significantly higher yields, typically 5.50% combined with a great cushion of equity for protection.

In comparison to other investment alternatives, Trust Deed investment yields with similar maturities generally offer far greater returns.

Don’t let banks keep all the profit! They take your deposit and provide usually far less than 1.00% in return.  Your money is then invested (in Real Estate loans) at an average of 4.00%. They pocket the difference!

Best Yield

Trust Deed Investments have always been one of the best-kept secrets. A secret banks don’t want you to know!

If done prudently, with sufficient equity (collateral), no other investment can come close to offering the safety, security, and return.






Compare Trust Deed yield and risk with any of the following:

  • Certificates of Depost
  • United States Treasury Notes
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Tax Free Municipal Bonds
  • Get higher yields, don't leave money on the table


    It’s true that “it takes money to make money”, and “money never sleeps”. The fact is you’ll never sleep either unless your money is secure, yet earning a reasonably good return. Isn’t it about time to begin putting your money to work?

    Investor yields vary by investment and results can never be guaranteed. Regardless of the yield offered, be certain the subject property has sufficient equity so that you are able to sleep at night.