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Why Investors Choose Wachter Investments, Inc.

Home Loans, Commercial Loans, CA Residential Loans, Hard Money Loans

Our success offering Trust Deed Investments in varying market conditions spans three decades.

We pride ourselves on maintaining long term relationships with most of our investors who have remained with us since our business was founded in 1979.

Credit for our success is attributed to our commitment to personal service, attention to detail, and unwavering conservative lending policies.

For these reasons, our investor base today, goes back three generations! Our father and company founder used to say: “provided there is sufficient equity it’s a good loan”.

The vast majority of our investors come to us by word of mouth. Most all our investors end up referring family and friends once they become familiar with the tremendous opportunities Trust Deed Investments offer and gain an appreciation for what role we play in providing this vehicle for investment.

We treat your money as if it were our own.

An important distinction between us and other companies is that we personally examine (inside as well as outside) each and every property we lend on. We would never rely solely on an appraisal, even if it was ordered by us! We prefer to stay out of trouble and would rather turn down a loan than have a foreclosure. Our goal is simply to pay the highest yield with the lowest risk.

We’re not out to make a quick buck; in fact we service every loan we make until it is paid in full.

We have a wide range of investors.

Our investors include individuals, family trusts, professional corporate pension plans, profit sharing plans, essentially anyone looking for secure investments offering higher yields than banks and less volatility than the stock market.

Home Loans, Commercial Loans, CA Residential Loans, Hard Money Loans

Guidelines For Investments:

Generally our maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) = 50% with a borrower whose credit and payment record is less than desired.  In today’s market we usually will not exceed 60% LTV even if the borrower has excellent credit, verified ability to pay and a proven track record of making payments timely.

Our ultimate determination of the maximum LTV must  take into consideration the specific  property used as collateral.  Further equity (lower LTV) is necessary if the  property is unique (unlike a tract home) and perhaps considered to be a “white elephant”.  The more difficult it is to find comparable sales (with many adjustments for location, design, size, age, etc.) the more equity is needed to mitigate the greater margin of error in the appraisal.

LTV for residential apartment buildings must take the mix of units into consideration.  The more studio apartments are in the mix, the higher tenant turnover, hence more risk.  As for commercial properties, we take a hard look at the anchor tenants and when their leases expire.  Single purpose property requires an even greater cushion of equity.

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