Earn Brokerage Commissions!

Brokerage Commissions Protected!
We offer an alternative to banks!
Equity + Ability To Pay = Approval
FICO Credit Score is Not a Factor

Common Sense Lending – If your scenario makes sense we will fund it!  We finance any California Real Estate with sufficient equity, whether Business Purpose of Consumer Purpose, whether Owner or Non-Owner Occupied, Residential or Mixed-Use, Commercial or Industrial.

An Alternative for Clients Who Cannot Get a Bank Loan!

Loans for Individuals, Corporations, LLC’s, Trusts, Partnerships, Probate Estates, and even Foreign Nationals!

We provide fast funding for your clients by thinking outside the box. Our loans are based primarily on the property value, not the borrower’s credit.  With sufficient equity and borrower’s reasonable ability to afford payments, we will close your deal.

Most of our business comes from repeat Broker referrals – we help Brokers close difficult loans quickly. Whether you have a complete package or just a name and phone number, we are more than happy to consider your loan scenario.  All you need to do is give us a call at 800-308-4961 or send an email to

  • Up to 60% Loan-to-Value
  • Fast and Flexible Underwriting
  • Refinance or Purchase
  • Investor and REO Financing
  • Remodel or Finish Construction
  • Investor Fix & Flip
  • Bridge or Swing Loan
  • Loans for Any Purpose – Consumer or Business

Efficient Loan Process

  1. Direct Private Lender – Faster Approval
  2. Commissions Paid Through Escrow
  3. No Red Tape Or Bureaucracy
  4. Quick Personal Service
  5. Honest, Forthright & Ethical

Zero Fraud Tolerance!

Loan submissions found to be fraudulent in whole or in part will be immediately reported to the proper authorities, including the CA Dept. of Real Estate.

What Honest, Forthright, and Ethical Means

As the referring Broker, you have a fiduciary duty to disclose all material facts to the borrower and lender. Withholding any material fact is committing fraud!

Without doubt, we will always prosecute anytime fraud is involved.

Brokers who take pride in maintaining high moral stands, please do not hesitate to contact our office with your loan scenario today!


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