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Have the banks turned you down? Are you having difficulty getting conventional financing?




Real Estate Investors welcome!  No limit on owned or financed properties!

That’s right! Since 1979, our company has offered collateral based loans to borrowers not eligible for traditional financing. As a direct private lender, we fund loans for borrowers who can’t quality with banks. Some borrowers, even with good credit, stable income and tremendous equity cannot get bank financing. It’s primarily because the banks have collapsed. Most everyone has heard of “The Mortgage Meldown”.

Home Loans, Commercial Loans, CA Residential Loans, Hard Money Loans


The joke now is that we used to open a bank account and in return get a toaster. Today when you buy a toaster they give you a bank! It’s true that conventional lenders have tightened underwriting so much they’re like zombies! The pendulum has swung so far in the opposite direction they’re no longer able to function. Banks today make excuses for turning down loans even with sufficient equity and where borrowers have good credit and stable income.

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Comparing “Private Money Rates” with “Bank Rates” is like comparing apples with oranges!

Please don’t compare us to a bank that won’t lend you the money. It’s true, Private Money is more expensive, but with sufficient equity and reasonable ability to pay we’re usually able to fund your loan.

If you’re able to qualify conventionally and don’t have an issue waiting months to obtain your loan, that’s definitely the smart road to travel. On the other hand, if you can’t qualify conventionally we offer a great alternative…”Private Money Financing”.

Home Loans, Commercial Loans, CA Residential Loans, Hard Money Loans

Don’t let fallout from the Mortgage Mess prevent you from obtaining the money you deserve. Banks aren’t the only game in town! You’ve got options with Private Money Financing. Private Money Lenders are able to use a common sense approach to lending. We can allow equity to mitigate other possible negative factors where banks may simply throw in the towel.

Common Sense Underwriting
Based Primarily on Equity

Purchase or Refinance

Loans for Any Purpose
Consumer or Business Use

Owner or Non-Owner Occupied
Salaried, Self-Employed or Retired

Homes – Mixed-Use – Commercial
Apartment Buildings – Retail – Industrial

All Credit Accepted
No Minimum FICO Credit Score

Since 1979

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