About Us

Our mission is to provide responsible financing along with fair pricing for borrowers, while offering higher yield and lower risk products for investors.

Wachter Investments, Inc.

Our company was founded in 1979 by our father, Harold Wachter, and remains family-owned and operated to this day.

Having the opportunity to work with our Dad had many benefits.  He was a terrific teacher, and almost every day all of us would get together to talk shop over lunch.  Dad passed in 1980; however, our tradition of discussing business over lunch continues to this day.

We take pride in having successfully endured the roller coaster ride of ups and downs of our Real Estate Market spanning over four decades.

We’ve learned plenty over the past forty-three years of being in this industry.  We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to our dad for inheriting his good common sense, providing us with a solid foundation, and quite frankly for teaching us how to make a good loan.  He is the reason we are not only in business, but remain successful in the mortgage business to this day.

We strive to provide only straight talk about mortgage financing.